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Macmath: The Silent Page

In autumn 2014 I did a photo shoot for the publicity and promotion of Macmath: The Silent Page - an amazing project breathing life back into a collection of old songs, many of which had not been heard for over 100 years. Performers include some of Dumfries and Galloway's finest, internationally renowned, traditional musicians - Emily Smith, Jamie McClennan, Wendy Stewart, Claire Mann, Aaron Jones, Robyn Stapleton and Alison Burns.
Peter Renwick, the project manager, took various bits of movie footage of the shoot and gave it to me immediately afterwards, so I decided to create a little behind-the-scenes video.
Ali Burns forwarded me a copy of a recording at one of their rehearsals, of the song Johnie Scot, which I added as a sound track.
To view the final image along with portraits of each of the performers, go to my gallery here:

For more about the project visit:
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